my front yard ice rink 

And hockey features

making ice science 101 

ice rink safety #1ice MAINTENANCE

Daily ice rink service and maintenance is required.2013-2014 

no flooding. layers of water  N.H.L. style 

best ice results 100% skate ability.

4 to 6 inch's thick for outdoor ice rinks.

outdoor ice rinks require the same maintenance as your pool if not a little more.

same great results family fun.

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Are you growing tired of winter blues, put an ice rink in your yard and skate with the family or practice some hockey stick handling.

Give us a call and we will help you spruce it up with a new  ice rink in your yard no mess no flooding neighbors yard. safe easy to in stall. add water when temperature is lower then 32 degrees Fahrenheit. layer water every hour till freezing starts. around 24 hours when temperature is -17 Fahrenheit. call for more

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Have a perfect spot in your yard for a beautiful ice rink or hockey rink?

Well, we can certainly fill that space for you. We offer custom, professionally designed ice rinks at a low cost. call 312-813-2582 this is a private web site.

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nick ricci